Sample yarn dyeing machine 500g/per

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Usage: polyester sewing thread, polyester and poly amide bundy thread, polyester low elastic yarn, polyester single yarn, polyester and poly amide high elastic yarn, acrylic fiber, wool (cashmere) bobbin yarn.

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1 Capacity 3*500g cones
2 Model QD-15 (Cylinder Φ150)
3 Dyeing machine capacity (calculated at 500g per yarn)
Center distance of yarn rod O/D120×H165 mm
Mean pump power 0.75kw
Max.temperature 140℃
Max. Pressure 0.45MPa
Sample yarn dyeing machine1

Main configuration

1. Cylinder body material 316L, cylinder body diameter φ 150.
2. HG-310 computer is used. (The unit price varies slightly depending on the computer used)
3. Equipped with automatic drainage system.
4. Open cover safety protection system, there is micro pressure in the cylinder, can not open the cover.
5. Automatic water level control system.
6. SUS304 stainless steel rack.


Sample dyeing

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