Denim fabric treatment eqipment

  • Denim garment dyeing and washing

    Denim garment dyeing and washing

    Technology parameters: Special-designed drum for low liquor ratio Description for the machine 1. Specially for industrial garment washing & dyeing like jeans, sweaters and silk materials. 2. Special designed drum for low liquid ratio. 3. Direct & indirect heating are available. 4. Door safety switch for safe operation. 5. High quality inverter control. Options: 1. PLC touch screen system 2. Digital control panel 3. Automatic water inlet draining steam inlet function. 4. Pne...
  • Denim garments surface treatment eqipment

    Denim garments surface treatment eqipment

    1.BOX TYPE DENIM CURING OVEN FOR JEANS CRUMPLED AND SETTING Description for curing oven Global advanced technology of industrial oven. Heating in a short time, max temperature can be in 200 centigrade and the Temperature difference is small. This kind of oven is mainly used for jeans finalizing Features for curing oven: 1. Box design with high quality cotton insulation which ensure the heat be used perfectly. 2. Quickly heat cycling helps to save the energy. 3. Controlling by every clea...
  • Laser for denim

    Laser for denim

    Denim Carving System Work shop Finishing product Working principle: High power RF laser with triaxial dynamic large format galvanometer marking technology, at the denim surface specific location process specific pattern. Laser process effective width: 900mm*900mm Working process: This system adopt belt conveying method, the process divide into three stations: Loading station with projector: operator place the processed garment on the belt conveyor of the outline rang...