About Us

Shanghai Singularity Imp&exp Company Limited.

Where we from & our culture

SHANGHAI SINGULARITY IMP & EXP CO., LTD is situated at the heart of Chinese third biggest Island, CHONGMIMG Island. It is renowned for its' fresh and nourishing greenery which is in harmony with its resident's aspiration. No doubt, this special and attractive ambient with natural surrounding will become the best choice for tourists and local resident due to the comfortable and pollution free climate. As one of the main metro cities in Shanghai, coupled with the strategic location and natural greenery gift, has helped CHONGMING City to earn the undisputed name of "THE BACKYARD GARDEN OF SHANGHAI". Every city in China is carrying its own localized culture, where the people over here do also endow with the culture of "industrious", "goodness" and "simplicity". They are proud to carry the virtues of simple goodness with adherence to honesty and keen to pass on these values to future generations.

The wealth of its local virtual and culture has provided the ultimate guidance and code of ethic in it business world by producing best quality products and professional services to its clients. We are committed to render our professional advises especially in below items:

Our Believe

We strongly believe that the best way to procure customers in new century are through the repeat satisfied customers trust, therefore, we are constant uphold our mission of providing only the quality acceptable products with professional service and advice, We are confident on our products and services because we have successfully exported our machinery products to world markets such as countries of Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Taiwan, Malaysia, Turkey, Pakistan, Peru, America, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and etc. for over 10 years.

Our Special Project

For more than ten years, we have been providing professional, high quality equipment and auxiliary equipment to the textile industry, and we can also provide customers with a complete portfolio of projects, especially in the yarn dyeing industry, packaging and conveying industry, handling and warehousing industry and so on.