Garments Dyeing Machine

  • Dip Dyeing Machine

    Dip Dyeing Machine

    DY series dip dyeing machine is specially designed dyeing equipment which used for a new special dyeing process that called tie-dyeing. The fabric jeans or other apparels will show a multi color effect that like light to deep or deep to light. DY and its process are good for knitwear of cotton, silk, acrylic and artificial fiber and skein at a normal temperature which is more and more popular in fashion brands and be liked famous designer.

  • T-shirt dyeing machine

    T-shirt dyeing machine

    The colorful world lacks the beauty of clothing, dazzling clothing, for the world to add a lot of style. The beauty of clothing mainly lies in the reasonable collocation of colors. Garment dyeing can gift or cellulose fiber cotton clothes the color of the bright and moving, ensure that the garment dyeing after cowboy clothing, jacket, sportswear and casual clothes can provide different special effects, is the product of environmental protection, convenient application, can make the dress with soft handle, have peach skin feeling on the vision and protruding washing effect, Especially in the seam line on the effect is particularly obvious, the above a variety of advantages can absolutely enhance the consumer’s desire to buy and improve the competitiveness of the market.

  • Dyeing & Washing For Denim Garments

    Dyeing & Washing For Denim Garments

    Special-designed drum for low liquor ratio
    Description for the machine
    1. Specially for industrial garment washing & dyeing like jeans, sweaters and silk materials.
    2. Special designed drum for low liquid ratio.
    3. Direct & indirect heating are available.
    4. Door safety switch for safe operation.
    5. High quality inverter control.