Hthp jig dyeing machine push type

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Full automatic HTHP jig dyeing machine suitable fabric: Viscose, nylon, elastic fabric, silk, cotton, polyester, hemp, blended fabric.

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Main technical parameter

Rolling diameter φ1400mm
Roller width 2200mm
Efficient width 2100mm
Speed 0~130m/min
Tension range 0~65KG
Temperature control range 0-135℃
Rolling roller diameter φ325mm
Motor power of main roller 2 sets are 15KW
Tank body mobile motor power 0.75KW
Motor power of circulating pump 2.2KW
elastic fabric roll

Elastic fabric roll 

jig dyeing cylinder

Jig dyeing cylinder

Main control functions

1. Whole machine is dual frequency converter control system, human-computer operation interface.
2. Set of constant tension, constant linear speed.
3. Functions of manual, automatic, speed up, slow down.
4. Automatic head back, automatic record the lines, automatic stop machine, automatic swing function if line is full.
5. Whole machine automatic temperature control, technological operation.
6. Operation screen programmable set, technology storage, automatic identification, automatic alarm.
7. Liquid level automatic control, automatic charging, automatic circulating.

high temperature jig dyeing machine

High temperature jig dyeing machine

jig dyeing machine with insulating

Jig dyeing machine with insulating 

Electric appliance and machine layout

1 Controller Japan Omron PLC
2 Frequency converter 2 sets of YASKAWA frequency converter are 15KW
3 Operation interface 10 inches WEINVIEW Colorful touch screen(Taiwan)
4 Electric SS electrical control cabinet, Schneider electrical element(France)
  Encoder AKS
5 HT-HP Tank body Made of SUS304, hoop construction design, designed pressure 0.35Mpa, designed temperature: 140℃, there is pressure vessel license, manufacturing based on the State pressure vessel standard
6 Main rolling roller Dia. 325mm, coated with SUS316L, 2.5mm
7 Dyeing Tank Made of 3 mm SUS316L
8 Tension frame Spring type, made of SUS316L
9 Chemical dye system Chemical barrel isφ500*500, made of 2mmSUS316L, with stirrer
10 Heat exchanger External tabulation heat exchanger
11 Main roller motor 2 sets of K77-Y7.5-12.63 link type motor reducing gear
12 Mobile motor R77-Y0.75-145-M1 motor reducing gear
13 Circulating pump BF40-50-2.2KW SS circulating pump
14 Magnetic valve AIRTAC pneumatic magnetic valve
15 Drain in/out valve SS pneumatic ball valve
16 Inlet/exhaust valve SS pneumatic angle valve
17 Mechanical seal 104-80
18 Safety device Equipped with safety valve, pressure gage, manual safety valve, pneumatic safety lock
19 Temperature probe Equipped with high precision PT 100 thermometry resistance, WZP-221
20 Under frame construction Whole is carbon steel under frame mechanism, equipped with slide guide roller
21 Liquid level measurement UZ type magnetic Perble liquid level measurement
22 Winding Frame Made of Stainless steel


HTHP roll dyeing 

Push type dyeing machine

Viscose jig dyeing machine

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