Double Frequency Converter Jig Dyeing Machine

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Suitable fabric: Viscose, nylon, elastic fabric, silk, cotton, hemp, blended fabric.

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Main technical parameter

1 Rolling diameter Φ1200mm
2 Roller width 2000mm
3 Efficient width 1800mm
4 Speed 2~130m/min
5 Tension range 0~60kg
6 Motor power 2 sets 7.5KW
7 Temperature control range 0-100℃
8 Rolling roller diameter Φ325mm
9 Shape Size L*W*H 3635mm*2200 mm*2140mm
blended fabric dyeing machine

Blended fabric dyeing machine 

Contton fabric jig dyeing machine

Contton fabric jig dyeing machine 

Main control functions

● Whole machine is dual frequency converter control system, human-computer operation interface.
● Set of constant tension, constant linear speed.
● Functions of manual, automatic, speed up, slow down.
● Automatic head back, automatic record the lines, automatic stop machine, automatic swing function if line is full.
● Whole machine automatic temperature control, technological operation.
● Operation screen programmable set, technology storage, automatic identification, automatic alarm.

Jig dyeing machine delivery

Jig dyeing machine delivery

jig dyeing machine manufacture

Jig dyeing machine manufacture

Electric appliance and machine layout

1 Controller Japan Omron PLC
2 Frequency 2 sets of Yaskawa frequency converter are 7.5KW
3 Operation interface 10" WEINVIEW Colorful touch screen (Taiwan)
4 Motor reducing gear 2 sets of linking type motor reducing gear are 7.5KW
5 Electrical apparatus element Schneider
6 Encoder AKS
7 Main rolling roller SUS316L coated roller
8 Dyeing tank, upper cover Made of SUS316L
9 Tension frame Made of SUS304
10 Chemical barrel Made of SUS304
11 Side cover open & close mode Pneumatic valve control air cylinder for side cover open and close
12 Top thermal insulation Upper cover top installed with insulating pipe to keep warm in the vessel
13 Rack Made of stainless steel
14 Electrical cabinet SS electrical control cabinet
15 Circulating pump SS circulating pump ensures dyeing liquor evenness
16 Outlet Clutch press roll type package outlet


Cotton fabric dyeing

Normal temperature jigger dyeing

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