Winding machine

  • Beam to straight cone winding machine
  • Pineapple winding machine

    Pineapple winding machine

    QD011 type digital winding machine can be used for processing all kinds of yarn, such as spun and filament ,the winding speed up to 1200m/min, the precision of servo control system, the on-line tension technology , and in the procedural control to a computer terminal on all process parameter, Advanced technology and innovative solutions to ensure the machine can be the best way to control the yarn of compart array, high reliability, high efficiency , versatility , and commonality of the most widely applicability.

  • Soft & hard cone winding machine

    Soft & hard cone winding machine

    This machine for compact yarn production cone type, for needle loom, weaving machine, warping machine, hosiery machine use The winding speed of the machine can be controlled automatically through the computer, up to 1100m/min. the control of radial anti-aliasing device is convenient. Advance yarn clearing and tension mechanism with photoelectric yarn to avoid yarn winding. The precision and sensitivity of the device can be used to ensure that the length (weight) of the winding is uniform. Electric rotating waxing device can meet the needs of the yarn and the uniformity of the amount of max. It’s the perfect machine for rewinding, separate tube yarn (cotton, hemp, silk and chemical fiber yarn).