High temperature pressure type hank yarn dyeing machine

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It is suitable for dyeing yarns of polyester silk, embroidery thread, silk, nylon, polyester cotton, CERN, nylon, mercerized cotton, etc. The weir flow jet tube is adopted, the dyeing tube and the yarn turning and transferring tube become a whole, the dyed material has absolutely no twist or knot phenomenon, but it is easy to pour the tube after color, and the loss rate is low. Low energy consumption, low head and large flow mixed flow pump. The water quantity regulator can adjust the water quantity arbitrarily depending on the number and type of dyed yarn.

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Made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel
Innovative pump design, anti cavitation ability is strong, still has a strong injection ability under high temperature
Built - in direct and indirect heating units
Realize the adjustment of water quantity in dyeing process
The weir flow type jet tube integrates the functions of spraying liquid, turning yarn and shifting into a whole, avoiding the twisting and knotting phenomenon of Hank yarn, and the dyeing loss is very low
The parameters in the computer can be adjusted to achieve different dyeing processes
Unique shape and structure, automatic switch cover and lock
Applicable to a wide range of Hank yarn length, can be dyed as long as 950MM
With reliable electrical protection system and mechanical safety interlocking device

Standard structure

1. High erosion proof stainless steel materials made for the machine body.
2. Durable spray pipe and hold set.
3. Yarn pole transition set with high efficiency.
4. Pumping of great flowage and low delivery lift.
5. Stirring, heating, circumference, cleansing, and feeding set in the color bucket.
6. Outlay heat ex-changer of high efficiency.
7. Water level indicator.
8. Tools assist to entry and outlet of yarn and cleaning spray pies
9. Flow adjusts set.

dyeing site1

Dyeing site

High temperature spray dyeing

High temperature spray dyeing 

Optional parts

1. Full auto or semi-auto PC control system.
2. Frequency conversion control of master pump motor.
3. Rated material feeding system.
4. The 2nd water and the 2nd discharge.
5. Full auto control of color bucket.


HTHP Spray dyeing

spray hank yarn dyeing

Spray hank yarn dyeing

Technical parameter

Max. working temperature 140
Max. working pressure 0.4MPa
Temperature rising rate about 5/min (with steam pressure 6kg/cm2)
Temperature cooling rate about 4/min (with cooling water pressure 3kg/cm2)
Model Number of tubes Nominal capacity(kg) General power (kw) Dimensions (mm)
GPA-2-650 2 8 4 2000*2400*1700
GPA-2-1500 2 20 5.8 2000*3500*1700
GPA-3-1500 3 30 6.8 2200*3500*1700
GPA-4-1500 4 40 7.15 2340*3800*1870
GPA-6-1500 6 60 11.35 2600*3800*2050
GPA-12-1500 6*2 120 19.95 6450*3800*2000

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