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 high quality compact device, can efficient reduce yarn hairness and increase yarn quality, can widely use in all kind of spinning frame models

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Compact spinning principle

The purpose of compact spinning is to arrange the fibers in a completely parallel and close position thus eliminate the spinning triangle. So this close and parallel arrangement of fibers before twisting can improve yarn structure, mechanical & physical properties and yarn strength. In short, compact spinning is to compact the yarn fibers from front top roller output point.
Our compact device is to make the fibers close arrangement from yarn nip point (front top roller) to twisting end by erecting device like negative pressure tube, mesh apron and gearbox, which can eliminate the spinning triangle.

Compact spinning principle

* Dramatically reduced hairiness: Uster H value up to 30% Zweigle S3 up to 80%
* Greatly improved strength: 10-20% higher
* Lower yarn unevenness and lower IPI values: up to 35%
* Higher elongation: by 10 to 15%
* With lower twist ( up to 10% ) for same yarn strength productivity is increased
* End breakage rate reduced by up to 60% improving machine efficiency (same speed & twist)
* Lesser fly generation  assists in better working condition
Increased winding speeds
* One-ply compact yarn can replace the conventional two-ply yarn
* The warping & knitting machine performance increased by 10-15% due to higher strength;
* The sizing chemical consumption reduces due to less numbers of protruding fibers;  
* Less hairiness loom efficiency increase and reduced fly generation;  
* In finished products, less pilling tendency, better touch , luster of fabric
* Dye liquor absorption improved due to low yarn twist, less dye liquor ( up to 5%) required
* Raw material saving – lesser comber noil up to 6%

Compact Drafting System on Pneumatic top arm

Drafting System Parts
To install the bracket on the roller stand by drilling a hole thoroughly on the roller stand. This bracket is to hold compact suction tube.  1
Compact flake is installed on the machine top arm of spring loaded or pneumatic  2
Gearbox  with rubber cots. We shall remove the machine front top roller and fix below compact gearbox  3
Suction tube with tension rod & apron  4
The original Pneumafil flute shall be replaced by ours.  5
Compact Suction System ( Suction motor & fan gives negative pressure to compact the yarn. About compact suction system we can design according to machine location and factory layout. Here we give some proposals for reference)
Suction system proposal 1  6
Suction system proposal 2  7
Suction system proposal 3   8
Pipe connection  9
Waste fiber collection system. Negative pressure air is directly related to yarn quality. If the pressure drop during spinning the yarn quality will be bad. How to maintain the even pressure for each spindle? We give automatic scraping system  10
Duct suction pressure air gauge with alarm light  11

Maintenance schedule for 20s carded cotton:

1. Daily checking any cots damage, pneumafil flute chocking, negative pressure tube slot chocking;
2. Once in 7-10 days to clean the negative pressure tube;
3. Cots buffing has to be done once in 45days (depends on yarn quality) and same tension draft ratio shall be maintained;
4. Once in 30 days full machine cleaning has to be done;
5. During full machine cleaning the duct end cover shall be open and the compact motor should be run manually to clean the duct;  
6. If any lapping happens pls clean on time

Power consumption

1824 spindles/


motor capacity

ABB inverter

power consumption/spindle

negative tube slot value

Compact for single yarn






Compact for siro yarn





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