Pineapple winding machine

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QD011 type digital winding machine can be used for processing all kinds of yarn, such as spun and filament ,the winding speed up to 1200m/min, the precision of servo control system, the on-line tension technology , and in the procedural control to a computer terminal on all process parameter, Advanced technology and innovative solutions to ensure the machine can be the best way to control the yarn of compart array, high reliability, high efficiency , versatility , and commonality of the most widely applicability.

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Technology parameters:

Total control cabinet: Computer digital processing terminal
Winding model: 1,precision    2, digital
Yarn guiding speed: 900 times/min
Yarn guiding type: Micro-wire rope to drag yarn guider
Yarn guiding traverse: 25-250mm(can be adjust)winding Dia:max.280mm
Spindle distance: 360mm~380mm
Yarn range: 20~4500DETX or 1~200Ne
Winding bobbin or cone: Straight tube or cone 3°30’
Winding speed: 1200m/min
Machine layout: Single side machine
Spindle/section: 5 spindle
Max. spindle: 250 spindles
Power 100W
Oil system: The stepping motor, automatically
Waxing device: optional
Oversize: 700*7000*1500mm
Machine head: 700*700*1500mm
Each section: 1818*700*1500mm

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