The advantages and disadvantages of velvets

Want to decorate your interiors in a different style? Then you should definitely use velvet fabrics this season. This is only because velvet is soft in nature and available in different colours. It gives any room that luxury feeling. This fabric is always outstanding and beautiful, which is liked and used by each and every person.

But, it does come with advantages and disadvantages like any other fabric does. The following with give you direction whether or not velvet fabric is suitable in your home:


● The texture is soft and has a luxurious look

● It blends in with different décor styles

● As an aesthetic value

● Very conductive accessory to use in the cold seasons 


● The fabric can wear out quickly with use

● It can be difficult to clean than other fabrics

● Highly dust absorbent

● Any damage to the fabric will ruin the texture

As you can see, the disadvantages are minimal compare to the advantages you will receive from purchasing velvet fabrics.

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Post time: Dec-12-2022