Open-end Cotton Yarn

Properties of Open-end cotton yarn and Fabric

As a result of the structural difference, a portion of the properties of this yarn are altogether different from those conventionally delivered yarns. In a few regards cotton open-end yarns are undeniably better; in others they are second rate or if nothing else may give off an impression of being so when judged by the criteria ordinarily applied to the ring spun yarns.

Yarn Properties

The tenacity of this spun yarn is 15-20% lower than that of proportionate ring spun carded cotton yarns and up to 40% lower than that of ring spun combed cotton or man-made fiber yarns. Elements influencing the level of difference incorporate direct thickness, material, preliminary process and kind of machine. Despite the fact that the strength is low when contrasted with ring spun yarn the strength consistency is better in OE yarn which gives it favorable position in resulting process.

● Twist – OE spinning edges are worked for “Z” bend as it were. The level turn utilized as a part of creation of OE yarns is normally higher than ring and is important to give acceptable execution.

● Extension – OE yarns are more extensible and recuperate rapidly from transient focusing. The higher extensibility of OE yarn hinders or out-sets the weaknesses of lower strength.

● Regularity – OE spun cotton yarns are better in fleeting consistency than carded ring spun cotton yarns and there is finished nonappearance of professed drafting weave kind of inconsistency that is the normal for the last mentioned.

● Imperfection – As for consistency the OE spun item is better than ring spun identical for carded cotton yarn and is comparable for combed cotton yarns.

● Yarn Bulk – OE yarn is bulkier than the relating ring spun carded yarn. This is showed in the yarn center where fibers don’t follow so immovably as in yarn spun on ring outlines.

Open-end Cotton Yarn

Post time: Nov-15-2022