Lyocell yarn

Recent Market situation of Lyocell yarn: 
Influenced by the Chinese New Year holiday, domestic factory is still not fully start, due to national policy, many factories are not on the production of the north, and in March of each year is the domestic consumption, self up to a month, according to the traditional years Lyocell affirmation is to rise in price, raw material manufacturers today have the formal work, due to the raw material cost is high, Selling at the current price is at a loss, so the raw material manufacturer is the one with the best voice for raising prices. According to the latest information, the current price has increased by 500-800 yuan/ton. Downstream textile enterprises are also some action, the holiday after the labor costs also rose some. Also due to the influence of the Spring Festival, the workers did not fully arrive at their posts after the holiday, which would be normal in the middle of this month according to the convention.

Post time: Feb-11-2022