Introduction to LYOCELL’s most promising application areas

Lyocell Yarn
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1. Application field of baby clothes

Baby clothing is an important application field of Lyocell fiber. From the point of consumer choice, product performance, self-value realization, safety, free from contamination is the main factor to attract consumers to buy sustainable products, especially for the infant child products, health, safety, quality, is mother to buy the infant child products to consider the first three factors, they focus on the child's dress safety performance, in favor of environmental protection and comfortable fashion coexistence of product design. From the point of view of product material, Lyocell cotton, hemp a kind of green natural material is welcomed by consumers.

Lyocell fiber comes from nature, natural green, Lyocell fiber strength is higher, dry strength is like polyester, wet strength is also higher than other regenerated cellulose fiber, and moisture absorption, skin friendly, good can hold

The reliability.

Lyocell fiber has the characteristics of natural environmental protection, health and safety, and has a good fit with the needs of children's clothing, in pants, skirts, T-shirts, home clothing, parent-child clothing has a very good application prospect

Separate skirt outfit

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At present, Lyocell fiber is widely used in children's dress and pants. Pure Lyocell fiber or cotton is used to highlight the soft, comfortable, safe and healthy characteristics of Lyocell fiber

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For brands that extend from adult wear to children's wear, children's wear products are like their main brands in materials and fabrics, and parents are more likely to extend their consumption tendencies to their children's consumption choices

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Home wear is also a place that Lyocell fiber can develop. Children's home wear has the characteristics of both children's wear and underwear. Skin-friendly comfort is a main pursuit of children's home wear

2. Lyocell flushable wet toilet paper application areas

With the development of science and technology, the change of times, and the improvement of living standards, our toilet paper is also experiencing the process of renewal, from the most traditional flat paper to soft rolled paper, to the revolutionary product in the world of toilet paper, wet toilet paper 

How to choose wet toilet paper

Base cloth Base cloth: high grade wet toilet paper should basically be composed of the primary wood pulp that is close to the skin by nature, cooperate the fiber with high quality, ability creates the product foundation that is soft close to the skin.
The ability to remove bacteria high quality wet toilet paper needs to wipe out 99.9% of bacteria effectively, the mechanism of wet toilet paper should be physical sterilization, that is, bacteria are wiped away on the paper, rather than through chemical killing method. Therefore, a good quality wet toilet paper product should never contain disinfectants that can irritate private areas, such as benzylamine.
Gentle safety The wet toilet paper of high grade should pass the country to set "mucous membrane test", ph value shows weak acidity, ability cares the skin with sensitive private place effectively, suit private place to wait for use every day and period pregnancy.
The ability to break down The ability to break down not only in the toilet, but more importantly in the sewer, only the base cloth of wet toilet paper, which is made of native wood pulp, can have the ability to break down in the sewer.

Post time: Aug-15-2022